gccfilter is a perl filter to colorize and simplify (or expand) gcc diagnostic messages.
gccfilter is particularly aimed at g++ (i.e. dealinging with C++) messages which can contain lot of template-related errors or warnings difficult to sort out.


There exists a somewhat similar tool colorgcc (http://schlueters.de/colorgcc.html).
However it seems to be unmaintained for years now and does only coloring.


Note that the script relies on several perl modules, namely:

So far it also requires perl version 5.9.4 or above (for the "state" keyword).
If it's really a problem, let me know, i'll use a closure instead.

Download the script: http://www.mixtion.org/gccfilter/gccfilter and put it somewhere in your $PATH.
The man page is integrated in the file (type gccfilter -m), or available in HTML here: http://www.mixtion.org/gccfilter/gccfilter.html


Emmanuel Le Trong, <manu@mixtion.org>



Compiling this test program:

class A {};
class B {};
int main () { A a(&B()); }

(Note that colors are customizable. These are the built-in defaults)


The test program comes from pegtl (http://code.google.com/p/pegtl/) which heavily uses some advanced template mecanisms. (I introduced the error.)

As is:

The same colored, without "with" clauses, template arguments, instanciation chains, paths and namespaces:

update: 2010-10-21, Copyright 2010 by Emmanuel Le Trong.